America’s Crumbling Human Infrastructure:

Image Credits: Tom de Boor, Adobe, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, et al
  • There are currently 567,000 fewer educators in America’s public schools than before the pandemic.
  • Nationally, the ratio of hires to job openings in the education sector reached new lows as the 2021–2022 school year started.
  • A survey conducted for the NEA, between January 14–24, 2022, revealed that more than half (55%) of members plan to leave education sooner than planned because of the pandemic, a significant increase from 37% in August.
  • Raise teacher pay to attract new teachers and keep teachers in their schools and the profession.
  • Elevate teacher voice, and nurture stronger learning communities to increase teachers’ influence and sense of belonging.
  • Lower the barriers to teaching that affect teachers’ ability to do their jobs and their morale.
  • Develop professional supports that strengthen teachers’ sense of purpose, career development, and effectiveness.
  • The typical long-haul tractor-trailer driver registers 400 to 700 miles a day, or about 125,000 miles per year. That’s enough to circumnavigate the globe five times.
  • The typical driver works 60 to 70 hours a week, including time waiting to load and unload, while spending some 300 days a year on the road.
  • Only 7 percent of the between 300,000 and 500,000 so-called over-the-road truck drivers in the United States are women.
  • The median annual pay for tractor-trailer drivers, who are typically paid by the mile, was about $47,000 as of May 2020. Since then, firms have raised pay while dispensing bonuses of up to $10,000 for new hires.
  • Trucks haul more than $10 trillion of American goods per year, or more than 70 percent of all products shipped in the United States by value.
  • A disappearance of workplace apprenticeship programs since the 1980’s.
  • 2.3 million construction workers left the industry during the Great Recession but only 1.2 million jobs were added back after that.
  • About 5,900 baby boomers leaving the workforce each day. By 2030, all baby boomers will be at least 65 years old.
  • Elimination of shop and vocational training in high school and a shift toward college prep classes in this 21st century.
  • A younger generation that is more interested in white collar jobs than blue collar ones.
  • Many family-owned skilled trade businesses closing their doors when the owners reach retirement because there are no family members interested in being successors.
  • Focus on jobs that move the needle for American competitiveness.
  • Prepare students for jobs that matter.
  • Build the skills of our existing workforce.
  • Don’t leave anyone behind.



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Frank Islam & Ed Crego

Frank Islam & Ed Crego

Frank Islam is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Ed Crego is a management consultant. Both are leaders of the 21st century citizenship movement.